Why Keto? Why Not?

Why Keto? What is the ketogenic diet? What is the difference between this diet and all of the rest? How is a fat-based diet even healthy? These questions are some of the many that bounced around my ADD mind as I read into this diet during commercial breaks of some random TV shows. After several months of researching articles and listening to podcasts, I asked myself, “What do I have to lose?” This couch will always be here, when I give up on this diet like every other one before it. After 3 months on the ketogenic diet and 35 pounds lighter on the scale, that couch is collecting dust. Why keto? Why not?

To understand the keto diet, you will have to open your mind to the realization of a simple truth. If low-fat to nonfat diets are healthy, why are sodas one of the pillars of obesity? Go ahead and check your fridge. Is it loaded with fat? Not even one gram. Now that I have your attention, let me show you what keto is.

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